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A Catalyst to bring about your Glorious Transformation

Based in Mumbai, India, AureaTech Solutions is a Business-IT consulting company and is the brainchild of Rucha Khale.
Having 7 years of corporate experience, working with MNCs as a Business Consultant and Business Analyst, Rucha noticed a gap in the software development and delivery in the MSME market. AureaTech Solutions was born with an aim of helping the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises gain their foothold in the “Digital World”. It is Rucha’s dream to help the MSMEs transform their business from a paper-based model to a paperless model.
“In India, MSME’s are predominantly family-owned businesses. It is now the time for the next generation to take over the business. With growing use of IT, this “next generation business owners” prefers a robust Business Management System that would help them manage their business well. AureaTech Solutions helps these business owners transform their business by implementing a software application that is best suited for their organization by retaining their existing businesses processes. It gives them the power to run their business on the go, to analyze their business instantly without a delay, and to co-ordinate each activity of the business efficiently.”
Since its inception, AureaTech Solutions has focused its efforts on high-quality, agile software development that would retain the business processes of the clients and offer the clients the best value for their money. AureaTech Solutions has ventured into an array of industries to create a variety of industry-based business management applications that adds incomparable value to our clients’ business.

What Motivates Us

AureaTech Solutions envisions enabling Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises to leverage on technology and thus contributing to “Digital India”.

What Culture Do We Enjoy


AureaTech Solutions is a growing team that works together and fosters continuous learning, total ownership of tasks, a can-do and go-getter attitude. We motivate our associates to experiment with their areas of interest and plan their own career graph. We ensure our associates enjoy their tasks by challenging themselves to newer heights. While managing agile IT projects and focusing on increased user experience, we encourage an environment of self-management, rather than micro-management. We work collaboratively as one dynamic cross-functional team that learns different roles and shares knowledge continuously.
Above all, we love to enjoy our work!

How We Help You

Each business is unique. We strongly believe in maintaining this individuality of your business.
At AureaTech Solutions, we focus on creating a long-lasting relationship with you - our clients. We work closely with you to know more about your way of working, your business processes, your work requirements, and your areas of improvement. Our qualified team of Business Analysts understands your growth aspects in order to architect a simplified, location-free, time-saving, cost-effective business management solution.
Streamlined management of your own business would help you save your time, energy, and money, thus directly boosting your potential. In addition, increasing your digital presence is equally important to reach out to your desired customers.
We chalk out a complete Business-IT Strategy just for you, and help you gloriously transform your business.