Business-IT Consulting

Our qualified team of Business Analysts work closely with you to understand your business needs. We study your present business management systems, listen to your pain areas, and chalk out a complete Business-IT Strategy specifically for you. Streamlining of business processes, revamping your existing business management system, implementing a brand new industry application, increasing your digital presence, are some of the prominent areas that we work with you.

Business Management Systems

We understand your needs to create a system that will enable you to take complete control of your office. AureaTech Solutions understands the nuances of business management systems and offers B2B applications of various industries. This enables you to manage your business on-the-go. As business managers, you need not wait long for your employees to prepare reports – you are now able to generate reports instantly. This is a highly recommended service for transforming your business to paperless offices!

Bespoke Software Development

We maintain the uniqueness of your business idea. Business Analyst team sits with you to know more about your business idea, and suggest you a roadmap to bring your business from ideation to implementation. We apply an agile methodology that will help to deliver to market faster. Through each phase of delivery, our expert team works closely with you, so that we can incorporate changes efficiently. This is a recommended service for B2C startups and entrepreneurs.